In the traditional configuration, also known as headful, XperienCentral offers everything you need to build a website from scratch and turn it into an advanced channel with personalized experiences for your customers. XperienCentral is a platform which offers the stable agility needed to build, personalize, distribute and integrate your content. All in one place.


Do you need a centralized place to store re-usable content for multiple sites or apps? With the content tools for managing your content items and the high performance content delivery API to distribute them, XperienCentral Headless is perfectly equipped to do exactly that. Plus, it offers enhanced content tools to configure any type of content you need. No coding required.


Today digital challenges require you to build advanced websites as well as to deliver authored content to newsletters, portals and mobile apps. To do both, XperienCentral comes in a unique hybrid configuration. It combines our web-tools and in-context editing experience with the enhanced content tools and content delivery API needed for omnichannel content delivery. With Hybrid you can do it all.


Easy content

  • In-context Editor
  • Content import tools
  • Configurable Workspace
  • Content persona tools

Centralized content

  • Large capacity content repository
  • Modular content tools
  • Configurable advanced search
  • Tagging, labels and thesaurus

Secure content

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) support
  • Workflow management tools
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • HTTPS/SSL support

Advanced content

  • In-context editing of personalizations
  • Behavior-based personalization
  • Support for variant testing
  • CDP integrations

Extremely fast
content delivery

  • High performance caching engine
  • High availability framework
  • Responsive front-end framework
  • Multiple instance deployment support

Integrated content

  • JAVA-based extendable platform
  • Hot pluggable plugin framework
  • Staging support (incl. Content Staging)
  • Monitoring Framework