XperienCentral Roadmap 2024

Our Content Management System XperienCentral (XC) empowers both developers and marketers to efficiently build, create, distribute, and seamlessly integrate content, ensuring personalized experiences across various communication channels.

XperienCentral facilitates enterprise organizations in tailoring content processes by utilizing headful websites and portals alongside headless channels and applications. Our CMS offers complete customization, adapting to the specific needs of your organization. It integrates seamlessly with the rest of your technical stack as part of a composable DXP. Our 2024 attention is focussing on the user experience, hybrid proposition and renewing our technical stack.

Hybrid to the max

We observe a trend where traditional Content Management System (CMS) providers are adding headless capabilities, while specialized headless vendors are enhancing traditional editorial approaches with page-viewing features. Striking a balance between both aspects remains uncommon among CMS providers, and our goal is to merge the best of both worlds. We will provide an excellent solution catering to developers and editorial teams.

User Experience

We strongly believe in the importance of providing a usable and intuitive interface for our users. We are excited to announce the upcoming release of an enhanced interface. Over the next year, we will be implementing improvements in design and user-friendliness. This new interface is designed to deliver an exceptional experience to our editors as they do their daily tasks within XperienCentral. We will be working closely with our customers to ensure the new design meets all requirements, including functionality, accessibility and ease of use.

Security and dependencies

Security plays a paramount role in the selection of a CMS. At GX, we prioritize security through a series of internal and external audits. These assessments serve as the foundation for our ongoing efforts to enhance XperienCentral. Being up-to-date enhances our security posture, makes upgrading quicker, and reduces the risk of breaking something else.

XperienCentral is an enterprise-capable CMS with a proven track record. It is centered around our vision of in-context editing and offers everything you might expect from a mature CMS. Want to know more about our mission, vision and our 2024 Roadmap?