XperienCentral comes with a variety of services and additional content, either provided by one of our partners or brought to you by the XperienCentral team directly. On this page you find all the available information including links to either more detailed information or a direct way to submit your request and get in touch.

User Documentation

XperienCentral comes with an extensive library of documentation for all users: content editors, functional managers, developers and IT staff. The documentation can be found on our documentation Portal. Here you find instructions on how to install or upgrade XperienCentral and how to set it up. It als includes notes and guidelines for developers, API documentation and of course the instructions on how to set up websites or channels and create or manage content, either headless or in-context.

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Request SDK

Would you like to implement custom designs, customize XperienCentral and develop custom plugins? Then you need a software development kit, or SDK. In the SDK, provided to you by our support team, all the tools you need for building custom plugins are provided. That's how you and/or your developers get started quickly.

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Product Support

XperienCentral Support is offered by our partner(s). For support on solving issues, requesting specific features or signing a service level agreement, which includes options for 24/7 and 365 support, check out our partners' support page.

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Product training

XperienCentral Training is offered by our partner(s). For a hands-on approach on learning how to set up and manage XperienCentral, developer training courses or hands-on training on how to manage content, go to our partners' training pages.

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Implementation services

Setting up XperienCentral is a smooth process. However, XperienCentral implementation partners offer years of experience, best practices and hands-on assistance in implementing XperienCentral efficiently and effectively. Think of optimizing the editing process, setting up your in-context channels or connecting channels for the use of headless content, implementing a content strategy and much more. To get started, find a partner and get in touch!

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Customization services

CMS solutions are most often part of a wider IT-landscape. In such an infrastructure connections and other customizations are often required. In XperienCentral, these are referred to as custom plugins. Services to analyse your needs and develop and implement such custom plugins are provided by our partner(s).

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Become a partner

As a brand XperienCentral maximizes the opportunity for partners to complement our product offering with their own services and market these to their customers. It has resulted in a large base of loyal customers who often stay with us for a decade or even longer. However, we are still looking to help more content editors in their efforts to make digital personal. Want to help? Get in touch and learn more about becoming an XperienCentral Partner.

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