product release

XperienCentral R29

July 21, 2020

R29 is the Customer Release for 2020. Check out what we built based on the voted input of our user group.

release overview

Starting today XperienCentral R29 is available for customers and partners. R29 is built based on the voted imput of our user group. Their feedback and input was the foundation for the improvements made in R29.

In addition to multiple minor improvements R29 offers the following major improvements. Check out a more detailed description below. (Note: Releases 29.1 and 29.2 are bundled in this announcement.)
- External preview
- Maximum image size setting
- Revisions
- SEO improvements
- Layout variants
- Staging support for modular content

External preview

Using the properties widget, users can now generate a preview URL via which any content item which is not (yet) published can be shared with external stakeholders (in other words: non-users of your XperienCentral environment). This allows organizations to connect stakeholders to the content process and update them on changes, the progress of content being created, etc.

Maximum image size setting

In order to further optimize the web experience for customers and other visitors, functional managers in XperienCentral can now set a maximum filesize for images uploaded by content editors. It enables functional managers to restrict filesizes and optimize the speed of images loaded on the website or inside their app.


The biggest change in this release is support for revisions. When activated, a revision is now automatically created after saving a content item. Revisions can be found under the all--new Revisions tab and allow editors to track changes and even undo them. Revisions are connected to versions of a content item, allowing organizations to track and manage revisions for multiple versions of a content item separately.

SEO improvements

The SEO improvements in R29 contain multiple improvements such as the ability to create SEO URLs for downloads, transfer SEO URLs to related versions when deleting a version, adding custom SEO urls and more.

Layout variants

One of the biggest changes is the option to use Layout variants. Layout variants are defined in the existing Layout panel and allow editors to create (multiple) variants of a layout by configuring the deviant parts of a layout only instead of configuring multiple separate layouts which largely overlap.

Staging support for modular content 

It was already possible to import and export modular content definitions (in other words: the Modular Templates, Modular Content Types and Predefined lists). With the added staging support for modular content it is now possible to also import and export the content items themselves. These are the modular content items created using the modular content definitions. It results in a fully stagable set of custom content, by exporting and importing both the items and their defintions from one environment to another.

want to upgrade?

Would you like to know more about how to upgrade your XperienCentral environment or are you interested in our changelog or an in-depth review of the new features, please check out our documentation portal for more information or get in touch with one of our partners to discuss implementing the upgrade.

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