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XperienCentral R34

December 9, 2021

Today R34 is released. It is a release focused on providing new multi-language features. It is also the latest release of XperienCentral for which an Escrow deposit is made. Check out what's new!

Release overview

Starting today XperienCentral R34 is available for customers and partners. XperienCentral R34 release contains a mix of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Multi Language Support

In R34, managing multiple language versions of pages, page sections and articles has been improved. You can now tell at a glance which language version(s) of content items exist without having to navigate to the Properties panel. The Language drop-downs in the Workspace Sidebars now add a plus sign (+) next to the language version(s) of a content item that have not yet been created.

Language Version in the Properties panel

In previous versions of XperienCentral, the Versions table in the Properties panel showed all existing versions of a content item in the current language. In versions R34 and higher, It shows all versions of the content item including all language versions.

Content Item Language Version in Properties Title

The language version of the content item you are currently viewing now appears in the title bar of the Properties panel. For example:

Use “Current Edit Version” of Content Items

When selecting a content item, for example while defining a link to it, only the “current edit version” of the content item in the language you are working in appears in the list of options. This new approach overcomes the possible confusion that can occur when, for example, a content item has multiple language versions that all share the same title.

Updated MySQL Connector/J Driver

The MySQL Connector/J driver has been updated from version 5.1.23 to 8.0.26.

CSRF updates

A number of issues have been resolved related to XperienCentral’s anti-CSRF implementation.

JBoss support

XperienCentral version R34 introduces support for JBoss 7.2 EAP.


In R34, as is the case with every release, a number of issues have been resolved. For more details please check out our documentation portal.

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Would you like to know more about how to upgrade your XperienCentral environment or are you interested in our changelog or an in-depth review of the new features? Please check out our documentation portal or get in touch with one of our partners to implement the upgrade.

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