product release

XperienCentral R35

March 1, 2022

R35 is released. This release features various functional extensions, improvements, and bug fixes. Ready to find out what's new? Check it out!

Release overview

XperienCentral R35 is now available for customers and partners. In this article, you'll find an overview of all the significant new features we've provided in XperienCentral R35. Asides from the functional extensions and bug fixes, improvements have been made to the Interactive Forms module, SEO module, link behaviors, lay-outs, and modular content.

The properties, preconditions, and validations for form fragments are now placed within collapsible accordions in the sidebar of the forms module. If you click on an accordion, it expands, and you can adjust the properties within that accordion. Click on it again, and the accordion closes. The features shown within the accordion have also been redesigned.

SEO improvements

In R35, a change has been made in calculating SEO URLs for media items to prevent the automatic addition of sequence numbers as much as possible. In R34, a media item called 'Contact' in Dutch had a serial number if the media item in English with the same title existed, leading to the following:

  • Title: Contact Language: English > SEO URL = displayon/contact.htm
  • Title: Contact Language: Dutch > SEO URL = tonenop/contact-2.htm
  • Title: Contact Language: French > SEO URL = montrersur/contact-3.htm

In this case, sequence numbers were used to determine the language of the media item to be displayed. So, in this example, 'contact' was associated with English, 'contact-2' with Dutch, and 'contact-3' with French.

However, a media item is always shown on display on-page. And the 'display on-page' part of the SEO URL is already associated with a language. In the example, 'displayon' is associated with English, 'tonenop' with Dutch, and 'montrersur' with French. In R35, this information is used to determine in which language a media item should be displayed. Therefore, a media item with the same title in different languages will no longer contain a sequence number. As a result, the above example looks like this in R35:

  • Title: Contact Language: English > SEO URL = displayon/contact.htm
  • Title: Contact Language: Dutch> SEO URL = tonenop/contact.htm
  • Title: Contact Language: French > SEO URL = montrersur/contact.htm

There have been three significant changes in link behaviors. We've added the following:

  1. Rel attribute. This allows the value of the Rel attribute on a link to be determined. For example, the Rel attribute can specify that the Google crawler shouldn't follow a link. You can specify multiple values separated by a space.
  2. Target attribute. With this attribute, you can indicate how a link opens. You have many options; think of an URL opening in a new tab or not.
  3. 'Set popup attributes as' property. When you select 'Pop-up', this option can indicate how the popup properties should be added. You can choose between:
    - As data attributes (default option for new link behaviors): properties are added as a data attribute of the link.
    - As onClick method: properties are set via Javascript to the onClick property of the link.

      Other improvements

      As with every release, we've also resolved several more minor issues. For more detail on these, please take a look at our product documentation.

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