product release

XperienCentral R36

July 19, 2022

We’re happy to announce that R36 has been released. This release contains a mixture of improvements and bug fixes. Want to know more? Keep reading!

Release overview

The newest XperienCentral release is available for all our customers and partners. In R36, we’ve made many improvements to the Extensionless URLs, Conflicting URL indicator, Image format support, and Modular Content. A Solr upgrade and XperienCentral JCR Index Documentation are also available. 

Extensionless URLs 

The URL functionality of the SEO component has improved. In previous XperienCentral versions, a URL always had the extension .htm or .html, (for example “contact.htm”). In R36, you can go from “contact.htm” to “contact” because it’s possible to generate URLs without an extension. 

Conflicting URL indicator 

Sometimes another content item has already claimed the desired URL for a new content item. For example, if you want to name an article 'Contact', but another item already exists with the URL "/contact. From now on, check the SEO tab of the Properties panel to easily see a conflict with another item using the same URL.

Reserve URLs as Context Path 

It could be that a path to an external application is running on the same host as XperienCentral, which could cause it to conflict with a URL within XperienCentral. The ability to generate URLs without an extension created the need to reserve specific context paths. You can configure these paths in the setup configuration. So, when a content item tries to claim a URL from a reserved context path, it will be indicated in the SEO tab of the Properties panel.

WebP image format support 

With the upgrade to R36, you can upload WebP images. WebP images have superior quality compression and high-quality characteristics compared to other formats such as JPEG and PNG. Encoding images in WebP means they load faster and consume less bandwidth while preserving quality. As a bonus, it can also improve the SEO score. 

Improvements for customization Modular Content fields 

Custom fields in Modular Content can now be imported, exported, and used as assets in Advanced Search. 

Upgrade to Solr 8.11.1 

The upgraded version of the Solr search index comes with several new features and general improvements. 

XperienCentral JCR Index Documentation 

We’ve added new documentation to the Wiki about the JCR index of XperienCentral.  

Other improvements 

Of course, we've also resolved several more minor issues found by either our customers or our team. Please take a look at our product documentation for more details on these. 

Want to upgrade? 

Would you like to know how to upgrade your XperienCentral environment? Are you interested in our changelog or in-depth reviews of the new features? Please check out our documentation portal or get in touch with one of our partners to implement the upgrade.