product release

XperienCentral R39

April 19, 2023

XperienCentral has just released R39, introducing a range of new features and improvements to the platform. Read on for an overview of some key changes.

Release overview

XperienCentral's new update has everything to help you manage your content more effectively and efficiently with more customization options. You will read about our new Content Security Policy feature, the improved layout menu behavior, and more options for gender identity. This release reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and keeping current.

Content Security Policy management

We proudly announce our latest feature: the Content Security Policy (CSP) management panel and CSP audit trail. As cyber threats become more advanced, web applications are vulnerable to attacks. Therefore, it is essential to protect web applications from these threats. The CSP management panel allows you to configure your website's CSP headers, strengthening your web applications' security. The audit trail function tracks changes made to the CSP headers and provides visibility into the modification history. This new feature will add value to all users and enable them to better protect their web applications against potential threats.

Java 17

XperienCentral now supports Java 17, the minimum and maximum supported Java version. This update ensures that XperienCentral stays updated with the latest Java technology, improving performance and stability.

More options for gender identity

As of today, user profiles allow for four different ways to indicate gender identity: "male," "female," "other," and "unknown," showing our commitment to inclusivity and diversity. The "other" option provides a more inclusive and respectful way for people to fill in their gender identity if they do not only identify as male or female. The "unknown" category is typically used in cases where the gender identity is unknown, cannot be determined, or is irrelevant.

Audit trail for changes to language labels

XperienCentral's Audit Trail functionality has been expanded to include changes to individual language labels and deleted languages. This update gives you more transparency and accountability for changes to language labels. It is important to note that deleting individual language labels is not tracked by the Audit Trail.

Improved layout menu behavior

The layout panel has undergone significant improvements. We moved the action menu to the center of the screen to ensure it is always visible, even when the layout is larger than the screen. The action menu is always displayed for layouts with a loop, and the "Add Row" button now adds a row to the bottom when the entire layout is selected, resulting in a more consistent interface. The "Delete Layout" button was moved to the action menu for layouts to avoid confusion with the "Delete Row from Layout" button. These updates will help you create layouts more efficiently and with more precision.

X-Forwarded-Host and X-Forwarded-Prefix headers

XperienCentral now supports two HTTP headers: X-Forwarded-Host and X-Forwarded-Prefix. These headers are commonly used when accessing XperienCentral through a reverse proxy or load balancer. The X-Forwarded-Host header provides information about the original hostname used to access XperienCentral. This is important when XperienCentral is hosted behind a reverse proxy or load balancer because the hostname seen by the client may be different from the actual hostname of the server.

Search & Retrieve API

The channel's name for retrieving content with a headless presentation is configurable. This change allows more descriptive and easy-to-remember channel names to be used in the Search & Retrieve API.

Redirects for read permissions

The context and SEO path have been removed from the "orgurl" parameter when using redirects for read access. Instead of the "orgurl" parameter, the "friendly URL prefix" is now used to redirect users who do not have access to a certain page. In previous versions of XperienCentral, the "orgurl" parameter contained the original URL along with the context and SEO paths. Using the "friendly URL prefix" makes the redirect URL cleaner without those extra paths.

Want to upgrade? 

Would you like to know how to upgrade your XperienCentral installation? Are you interested in our changelog or in-depth reviews of the new features? Check out our documentation portal or get in touch with GX to implement the upgrade.