product release

XperienCentral R41

October 18, 2023

Introducing XperienCentral R41: A great example of our user-centric work methodology. This latest iteration is an extra upgrade to refine the user experience based on great user feedback. This release refines your ability to navigate through your content with ease and precision.

Release Overview

XperienCentral R41 once again demonstrates our commitment to listening to user feedback and implementing improvements based on it. Responding to valuable suggestions from our user community, we have decided to launch multiple customer releases to ensure our platform continues to meet your needs. This release comprises several significant enhancements alongside minor adjustments and bug fixes.

Advanced Search

We have expanded the column view in the Advanced Search feature, now offering a wider array of columns for displaying information about content items. This also applies to Modular Content properties marked as facets. This enhancement makes it easier than ever to identify content items with missing or incorrect metadata or configurations. Users can customize these columns to their specific needs, and these settings are saved in the user's profile for future use.

Furthermore, we have introduced the ability to sort results directly using the column headers and adjust column widths to ensure all necessary information remains visible. This extended view empowers users to manage their content efficiently and with precision.

Layout Switching

Understanding the need for flexible layout management, we have introduced a feature that allows you to seamlessly add a different layout without first removing the existing one. Content is intelligently migrated to the new layout, ensuring a smooth transition. While the mapping of content to the new layout may vary based on configurations, this feature simplifies the testing of different layouts on a page and facilitates quick layout changes without manual copying and pasting of content. Until the page is saved, you can always revert to the original layout without losing the original content.

Outdated Downloads

Maintaining the relevance of your content is crucial, and this includes downloads. We have introduced the ability to automatically set the status of unused downloads to 'inactive'. This is achieved through a scheduled task that periodically checks if downloads are being used within your content. If no references are found, the downloads are automatically marked as inactive. This proactive approach helps prevent end-users from accessing outdated content through direct links, contributing to a streamlined and up-to-date content repository.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Expanded Google sitemap with images and language versions.
  • Thesaurus relationships between tags are now retained during the import/export process.
  • WebP has been added to the image file type conversion process.
  • Ability added to copy/paste a CSP policy as a whole in the CSP panel.
  • A bug causing URLs to end with a dash has been resolved.
  • Notifications are no longer sent to inactive users.
  • The way XperienCentral checks for conflicting redirects and dumped URLs has been changed, leading to performance improvements.
  • Vertical whitespace has been removed from the Site Structure widget to make it more compact.
  • Rendering multiple forms on the same content item now functions correctly when using AJAX.
  • Page followers are now directly added to the list.
  • When more than one language is based on an existing language, they are now displayed separately in the "Language" facet in Advanced Search.

Considering an upgrade?

This recent update is loaded with a range of improvements and fixes based on user feedback. Are you ready to upgrade your XperienCentral setup to the latest version? If you're looking to dive deeper into the new features, explore our documentation portal or reach out to GX for efficient implementation.